Through years Neymar has established himself as an International footballer that many of us know well. Raw and energetic performances at Santos. Skillful plays for Barcelona. Assisting and scoring in France for PSG. Being the face of Brazil football. To celebrate his journey, Nike has come out with Neymar’s special Mercurial Vapor called "Meu Jogo".

Similarly, to previous World Cup, Neymar got his exclusive colorway just before the beginning of knockout rounds. "Meu Jogo" (My Game) refers to Neymar commitment to stay true to his playing style. The Brazilian commented this with the following words, "If football brought me to where I am, if it made me conquer the things I did, then I don't need to change."

The "Meu Jogo" boots come in a nice yellowish color that is meant to represent Neymar’s home country Brazil. The black and white stripes on the back of the boot refer to Santos black and white striped kits in which Neymar revealed his talent.

We have already seen these Canary yellow boots in action when Neymar scored a goal and gave an assist as Brazil beat Mexico yesterday at World Cup. No matter what will happen in the next round, Neymar will continue to play the game his way. Meu Jogo way.

The Nike Neymar "Meu Jogo" Mercurial Vapor will be available shortly at