GK Gloves

When talking about goalkeepers and required equipment, goalkeeper gloves are first in the list. Football has developed and it will continue to - pitches, boots and even players get better, so will goalkeeper gloves. This blog part won’t focus on goalkeeper gloves evolvement but on current trends and examples featuring globalsoccerstore.com

Answering to the question raised in the title, gloves should be chosen mainly by age and playing burden. Young age doesn’t require best available equipment, more important is the existence of gloves and understanding the use of them. Playing burden is about how much do you actually use the gloves, when playing once a week with low intensity, all it matters is the existence of gloves.

However, age and burden aren’t the only factors when choosing goalkeeper gloves, but they are the basis of choosing gloves.

Now we will introduce and add comments about goalkeeper gloves available in our website globalsoccerstore.com.



Nike Match

Nike Goalkeeper Match

Short wraparound wrist bandage, sticky and comfortable. Not so complex and thick, grip and handling may suffer. Recommended for children and beginners. Also they are cheap and available in different colourways.

We recommend: https://www.globalsoccerstore.com/eng/football-equipment/nk-gk-match-jr-fa18-23591.html

Nike Grip 3

Nike Grip 3

Extra grip, flexible, complex and comfortable. In addition All Condition Control which ensures grip  regardless of the weather. Recommended for experienced goalkeepers who have great handling skills and love to make saves. They are not so cheap but not expensive also, about 50€ which is fair price for Grip 3 gloves.

We recommend: https://www.globalsoccerstore.com/eng/football-equipment/nk-grip-goalkeeper-gloves-fa18.html

 Nike Mercurial Touch

Nike Mercurial Touch

New invention by Nike. No wrist band, but complex in your hands. Extra grip for handling, comfortable and fit for every weather. Recommended for experienced goalkeepers, soft latex foam on palms is dream of every keeper who loves catching all kinds of shots. They are more expensive than Grip 3 gloves, but definitely worth every penny.

We recommend: https://www.globalsoccerstore.com/eng/football-equipment/nk-goalkeeper-mercurial-touch-victory-23946.html#

Nike Mercurial Touch

Nike Premier

For expert-goalkeepers. SGT technology to enhance grip and disperse water to improve grip in wet conditions. Technology which keeps your hands in catch-ready position. Internal nodes ensure slip-free fit and more sensitive feeling. Also there is ventilation which keeps the airflow through the glove. Wrist bandage keeps the wrist stable. Quite expensive, but a long-term investment and definitely worth its price.

We recommend: https://www.globalsoccerstore.com/eng/football-equipment/nike-premier-goalkeeper-gloves.html