Nike says its farewell to the Magista line to present a new boot concept created with the goal to level up precision and attacks. The new boot is called PhantomVSN, at first sight it seems that these boots are laceless, but actually they have ghost lace system, which means that it is just not possible to see the laces. The key attributes of the new Nike PhantomVSN boots are control, vision, instinct and precision to give players the best possible conditions of controlling the game, at the highest level possible. Tech-wise, the Nike Phantom Vision football boots are made for the modern midfielders and will be worn by players such as Philippe Coutinho and Kevin De Bruyne.

Traditionally, boot design starts with a sketch, but there is nothing traditional about the brand new PhantomVSN. To create something different and better, designer Phil Woodman started conceiving of this boot from the inside out. This resulted in a proprietary new construction that will debut in football with the PhantomVSN and soon be adopted in other Nike footwear. The new type of fit is called Quadfit.


The chassis of the boot is covered by the upper, turning the construction of this model into a two-piece boot, only joined by the plate, it means that what you can see outside is not the same that you have inside. Like with previous Nike Elite boots, outside of the boot is covered with Flyknit but inside there is used completely new QUADFIT technology. This is an inner mesh that is over the chassis, placed in the laterals of the boot, and that complies with a double function: fit and stability. The Quadfit technology hugs the foot, but without the feeling of being constricting by it, which will offer an incredible fit across very broad spectrum of unique foot structures. It is like a sock that wraps the entire boot inside, the Quadfit isn't visible from the outside, but it works its magic inside the boot.

Players have long been accustomed to the rigors of breaking in their boots but the PhantomVSN is match-ready right out of the box, the feeling that the player gets, trying on the boot first time is the same as it is after one week or one month.

Inside, there is used Quadfit but as it was said that the boot is two pieced, it is also important to know about the upper part. There is nothing sensational with this part, the PhantomVSN is made with a textured Flyknit upper like Mercurial and Hypervenom. Still something has changed, it has more grip than any other previous Nike football boots, to provide premium touch on the ball and improve passes and shots. With the extra grip, there is much better control over the ball and it is perfect for dribbling. All of this is covered by the ACC technology that protects and water-proofs the entire upper.

Another unseen item within the PhantomVSN is the appropriately named Ghost Lace system that works as a lace cover to offer the best possible touch, clean contact with the ball and even striking surface. To improve upon traditional lacing, the Ghost Lace touchpoints were minimized but at the same time the players will still be able to tighten the boots thanks to the one-pull construction, which gives an equal tension all the way down the foot. This sensational lacing system is made after a long testing period in a labor and together with many professional players to get the most comfortable feeling for the player.

Also, the soleplate has changed a little. The PhantomVSN comes with a Hyperprecision sole, which allows to make hard cuts and burst of speed, leaving the opponents in confusion. Nike has called it for the FEA-informed traction pattern and accommodating the quick multi-directional cuts. The new plate stands out for being ultra-light as well as reactive, managing thus to lighten the weight of the boot and potentiate to the maximum the energy of the player’s legs. PhantomVSN is known as a control not speed boot but compared with Magista, it focuses on a more attacking mindset with its more aggressive stud patterns, which makes it more similar with Mercurial.

In the end, it can be said, that Nike has introduced a very interesting boot, new technologies have been developed to get the best possible result. The boot is made from two different parts, Outside, there is Flyknit and inside Quadfit, which makes it unique and nothing similar to compare with.

Vision, Instinct and Precision are all taken into consideration when designing the boot. New technologies have been developed by having this mindset. Combining this with a new design will probably give the most comfortable boot on the market, made for a new level of precision

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