Football as industry has developed massively in times. Nike for example, they have designed boots for every type of player and for specific positions (Tiempos for defenders etc.). This part concentrates on players, who currently are or have worn interesting brands.


A quick introduction: a great deal of footballers have their valid personal contracts with brands, some players wear the brand which sponsor the club, some wear what they want. Boot deals could be quite costly, for footballers it is simply an additional income.


Hulk – Mizuno and Concave

Brazilian winger, currently showing off in China, Shanghai SIPG, has been wearing Mizuno’ boots for most time of his career. In 2008 he signed with FC Porto, scored 54 goals in 99 games before departing to St. Petersburg and later on to China. Before Porto, he spent few years in Japan, that’s when he decided to take on Mizuno’s boots.  In the end of 2018, he signed contract with Australian company “Concave”.


Thiago Motta – Mizuno

Significant midfielder ended his player career last year, he wore Mizuno’ boots all his career, starting as a young boy. In 2011, Motta signed new contract with Mizuno. He turned down the personal fee for the contract, donating all his fees from Mizuno company to unprivileged communities back in Brazil.


Marouane Fellaini – New Balance

Best known for his hairstyle, Fellaini signed conract with New Balnce in 2012. Four-year contract expired in 2016, new one was close but didn’t get formal, from that time we have seen legendary Fellaini playing with Nike’ boots.


Aaron Ramsay – New Balance

Back in 2015, Ramsey was one of many famous footballers (Vincent Kompany, Adnan Januzaj for example) who turned to New Balance. Despite of aspirations by New Balance, Ramsey turned back to Adidas. Ramsey even had his own design for one pair of New Balance boots.



Sadio Mane – New Balance

At the beginning of 2018, Sadio Mane was spotted training with New Balance new pack. Just before Champions League final if 2018, where Liverpool participated, New Balance announced their contract with Sadio Mane. Probably, the deal got influence because from partnership between Liverpool Football Club and New Balance.


Memphis Depay – Under Armour

In 2015, Depay was the leading goalscorer in Dutch Eredivisie, he decided to start partnership with Under Armour. Since then, he has been the best-known footballer to represent the company. Of course, the deal has got himself a lot of money.


Granit Xhaka – Under Armour

Back in 2016, Xhaka was playing in Borussia Mönchengladbach, but signed with Under Armour, before he preferred Nike.



Manchester United – Season 1998-1999 – Diadora

It was a season of miracles for Manchester United in 1998/1999, it was also a great time for Diadora – Italian company, which provided football boots. Manchester United won the treble that season, Diadora’s boots were part of it - Roy Keane, Nicky Butt, Phil and Gary Neville were all wearing Diadora’s.