It can be extremely frustrating when the boots you have ordered don’t fit. Either they are too small, too big or just maybe too tight. Then you return them only to find out that your size was the last pair and you have to replace them with a totally different boot. To avoid this we are going to share some tips on how you could get the best possible fit when ordering a pair of football boots.

Method #1

This option does need some extra work but can guarantee good fitting shoes The trick is easy. First, you look at the online store to see what they offer and find the boots that interest you. Then you go to the nearest sports store which offers that same boot, try it on and find the right size. If that store doesn’t have the specific shoe then you can also try the take-downs or higher-end variations, because the size difference between boots in one specific silo is very little. Once you have found the right size you can go back home and finish the order.

But why do I have to order a pair when I can just purchase a pair at that sports store?

Of course you can buy your pair from the shop, but the prices on the e-store are often surprisingly lower. Sometimes being as low as -50% from the original price. Also, the variety of the e-shop is often much bigger than the one in the physical store, because it is easier to specialize in one sport only.

Try on different sizes

Method #2

This option can be carried out without leaving the house and using only some basic household items like a paper, pencil and some kind of measuring device. As you probably guessed, we are going to measure our feet. Just put on the socks you most probably will wear when playing, step on a paper and trace the outline of your foot while holding the pencil 90 degrees when compared to the floor. The most important is to get the length of your foot because this determines the size of the boot. Every manufacturer has a bit different sizing, so the number may vary in European, US or UK sizes, but one which is almost always the same is the size in centimeters. In you can see the boot length in centimeters, just click on the product, find the size numbering selection and pick “cm”. This makes it really easy for us to measure our foot and determine the size. Always remember to add 0.5 centimeters to the end result. This assures that there is enough space for the foot to move when playing in them.

Draw the outline of your foot

Even though the measuring method isn’t as reliable as the trying on one, it is much better than pure guessing. If you order a pair of football boots from you can change them for a different size if they don’t fit you. But our main aim is to deliver the best available size for you in the first try!