2018 aasta lõpus ilmunud Adidas "Initiator pack"

Adidas as a brand is known mostly by „three stripes”, as well on clothes, footwear and on football boots. Nowadays it is inherent to trademarks to have different types of football boots, Adidas is one of them.

 Adidas has a colorful history, in 1953 the first boots were designed named „The Argentinia”, they were popular at FIFA World Cup which took place in Argentina in 1954. In 1966 boots called „The Diamant” had the first similarities with modern boots. „The Diamant” had design resemblances to „The Copas”, which are still being produced but were initially introduced in 1982.

Probably every aficionado has significance memories about “The Predator” boots. Even though they were disclosed in 1994, The Predators should be remembered from an era of legends like Zindedine Zidane and Raúl González.           

Obviously, the legendary German company has survived so-called „design revolution” and a lot has changed. At the moment there are four different models in the market: Nemeziz, X,Predator, and Copa.

Adidas "The Argentina"

Adidas Nemeziz – are you a speedy forward?

Boots designed in 2017 are mostly known because of one man, Lionel Messi. Therefore Nemeziz is created for players, who are described with three words – agility, suddenness and explosion. Nemeziz has special technology called “Agility Bandage”, it allows feet to achieve maximal flexibility and pace on every reversal. In addition, another decoration is used, called “Agility Weave”, it is a technology for playmakers and forwards to emphasize vital touch when playing with the ball. If you would like to move like Messi, these boots are perfect for you!

Adidas Nemeziz

We recommend:  Adidas Nemeziz 18.1 FG

Adidas X – love to score goals?

Adidas X was released in 2015. Stars like Mohamed Salah, Marcelo and Gareth Bale prefer Adidas X. Particular boots are meant for clinical finishers and speedy players. Moving on to construction, “Skeletalweave upper”, a thin grid which is designed just for speed and deft touch. Also “Ultralight Speedframe” on sole plate for maximal acceleration. These boots are for players who love to run fast and score magnificent goals.

Adidas X 18.2

We recommend: Adidas X 18.2 FG

Adidas Copa – prefer good first touch and technique?

Homecoming of legendary Copa Mundial's, Adidas Copa reflects an unforgettable legacy. Famous footballers wearing Copas are for example World Cup finalist Marcelo Brozovic, Miranda the captain of Brazil national team and Real Madrid’s defender Nacho. From decorative aspects, the complex foot sole is worth mentioning, specifically, it is generated for extra balance. In addition, special kangaroo leather has been used to produce comfort, that the boot is known for. In 2001, classic Adidas Copa became the best-selling football boot in the world. If you have a perfect first touch and you love comfort, these boots are for you!

Adidas Copa 19.1

We recommend: Adidas Copa 19.1 FG

Adidas Predator – want to execute a killer pass?

Adidas Predator, extensive history is back on top! Paul Pogba, Ivan Rakitic, and Mesut Özil – influential midfielders favourite. These boots are just perfect for technical playmakers, who value touch and comfort. A closer look reveals “Primeknit upper” to provide support to your foot and especially ankle. It doesn't matter if with or without laces, Predator is perfect for a modern midfielder.

Adidas Predator 19.1

We recommend: Adidas Predator 19.1 FG