Kas adidas, Nike või Puma?

Football boots are the most important part of players equipment and therefore, choosing the perfect boot is essentially important. In this blog post we are trying to give you 6 tips, what should help you to make the process easier. To meet the needs of different players, there are many innovative and fancy football boots available on the market. There are boots for speedy wingers, boots for playmakers, boots for robust center backs each pair is specifically designed to improve shooting, passing or other skills.

While designing the boots, a lot of new and innovative materials are used, and every little detail matters. Also, it is important to know that there are different boots for different surface. Choosing the right football boots is easier said than done, therefore, lets go through some major factors that you need to consider in your search to find boots that fit your style of play the best. 


Before starting to search the football boots, it is important to know the budget that you have for the boots. The cost of latest and most innovative Nike models is 330.00€ but during the sales it is possible to find some models with the price of 20€-30€, meaning that the price range is enormous.

As you start shopping, it is important to know, how much money you actually have to spend on a new pair of boots. So, the first thing is to set a budget before starting to shop. For professional players it is smart idea to buy the boots with best quality as every little detail matters. For a parents of a child it is not maybe smartest to buy the most expensive boots as the foot of kids grows very fast and it means that the parents have to buy new boots 2-3 times per year. 

If you are ready to invest more, you will get boots with better-quality. Often it is a smart move to buy one pair of more expensive boots rather than many pairs of cheaper boots as they last longer. Still it has to be considered that even though the expensive boots are made from higher quality materials, the materials are thinner and therefore can break faster. The duration of boots depends on, how you take care of your boots. 


There are different boots used for different fields. To avoid the injuries and the risk of breaking the boots it is essentially important to know which stud patterns to use in which surfaces. There are metals studs, plastic studs, hollow studs, short studs, rubber soles and etc. Every ground has its own stud patterns that should be used. It is important to choose the right one for you.

FG (Firm Ground)- Plastic studs that are made for natural grass pitches. This is the most popular stud configuration.  

AG (Artifcial Grass)- More and shorter hallow studs, which are made for artificial grass pitches.  These boots will give less strain on the joints and knees, which reduces the risk of injuries on artificial fields.

FG/MG (Firm Ground/Multi Ground) - Plastic studs that are used in both fields natural and artificial grasses. Usually lower price categories.

SG (Soft Ground)- Consists of 6-8 metal studs that are longer and go deeper in the ground to give the best grip on rainy days. Used on soft, wet and muddy pitches.

TF (Turf Field)- Many short studs distributed across the whole outsole of the boot. These boots are specifically designed for Astro Turf.

IC (Indoor)- A plain rubber sole without studs. Perfect grip for futsal and indoor fields.

Find more about different surfaces from here.


All the players are not the same. Some have better technique, some are faster, some are stronger. That is why everybody cannot play with the same boots. For every type of player there is designed a certain boot to enhance your particular attributes.

For attacking players, who love speed, there are lightweight boots like adidas X and Nike Mercurial. Fast players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Mohamed Salah, Eden Hazard, and Kylian Mbappé are some examples who are wearing these boots.

For the playmakers with brilliant technique there are Nike Phantom Vision, adidas Predator and Puma Future boots. Passing, touch and technique are the attributes that are considered while designing these boots. That is why Kevin De Bruyne, Philippe Coutinho, Paul Pogba and Dele Alli prefer this boot.

The boots for true goal scorers are Nike Phantom Venom boots. The number of goals that Harry Kane, Robert Lewandowski, Marcus Rashford, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and many others have scored in these boots will proof the amazingness of these boots.

Robust center-backs might feel more at home in a pair of Nike Tiempo or adidas Copa or Puma one boots. Nike Tiempo is the classic leather boot worn by Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique.

There are boots out there for strikers, midfielders, defenders and even goalkeepers, with each one specifically designed to improve shooting, passing or other skills. 


The most popular boots in the world are made by Nike, adidas and Puma brands. Different players prefer different boots, some choose it because of comfort, some are just fans of certain brand. As mentioned before, there are different boots for attacking and defensive players. As well, the foot type will matter a lot, some have more narrow, some more wider foot and it is not possible to wear the same boots for these players. Also, the material is essentially important. Long time ago, all the boots were made from leather but now there are more innovative technologies and solutions. The most popular materials are:

Leather – Classical football boots are made from leather as this material has always been famous for its comfort and reliability. Leather boots will fit with most of the foot types, as they take the shape of your foot The popularity of Nike Tiempo, adidas Copa and Puma King football boots shows that leather is still one of the most popular material for football boots. It is important to correctly take care of the boots to otherwise they can break quickly. If you have wider foot, then choosing leather boots is smart choice.

Synthetic football boots - Thanks to the latest technologies, the alternative materials are very similar to leather. The synthetic football boots fit well and are comfortable, besides that this material is lighter, faster and more durable than leather. Thanks to the innovative technologies these boots do not overstretch and will offer fantastic fit straight out of the box.

Synthetic boots also are also not that expensive as knitted boots, meaning that it is possible to get perfect boots with decent price. Unless you’re addicted to old-school leather, synthetic boots are the best option out there for the vast majority of players - which is why they’re by far the most popular.  That is why most of the boots that are sold in our store are from synthetic material

Knitted football boots- The latest innovation in football boots market is knitted boots, which means that the boots are made from one piece with minimal amount of off cuts and waste as a result. It can be predicted that these boots will dominate the market in the next few years. Currently only the top models of Nike and adidas boots are available, which are the lightest and fastest of all. This kind of innovation comes at a price, that is why these boots are recommended only to serious players who are ready to spend money to get the best boots on the market.  


Comfort is everything when it comes to football boots. To find out if the boot is comfortable or not, it is important to try it on and feel how it fits. Some people have wider foot, some prefer if there is room in the boot, there are no rules for finding the best fit, the player has to feel it himself. Boots have so many different designs, so it is important to find a boot that fits your foot. As boots are the most important equipment of a football player, it is important to spend time on finding the perfect one for you. You can forget all about your fancy colourways, upgraded soleplates and micro-textured uppers: if the boots aren’t comfortable, then they just aren’t worth buying. 

If you buy the boots from online store, it is not possible to try on the boots. Global Soccerstore has solution for that, if the size that you have ordered does not fit, it is possible to return and change the boot or ask for refund. If you have found yourself a model that fits well then it is smart to order the same boots in different colorway next time as the fit is the same. Also, you can find tips, how to choose a boot without trying it on from our blog.


Finally, the last step of choosing a football boot. It is important that your boots look nice, but this is not the first thing to look at while making a choice. The factors listed above are way more important while making the choice. If you have found a boot that meets those vital criteria, it is time to choose your favorite colorway.

Every player likes to wear eye catching boots to look good on pitch. The market is full of different styles and colorways, it is possible to find boots in every possible color. The player needs to find out, which boot fits most with his style and preferences. As there are so many different boots on the market, it is possible to find dream boot. Some people prefer classic black boots, others the most colorful boots. It is important to find a boot that YOU like.

Choosing a football boot is essentially important for every player. Correctly chosen boot helps you to perform on your best in every training and league match as they enhance your particular attributes. There are designed different boots for players with different style. But most importantly it is important to find a comfortable boot.  If you feel that you are ready for choosing new boots, then take a look at our latest models from here.